It is good to start by studying the Greek New Testament Texts, preferably the most recent one of Nestle-Aland (NA).



For information about the divisions and organization of the Greek text, see:


Christian churches and sects etc. believe that the New Testament is the Word of God, and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. This, however, is a matter of mere belief without any foundation whatsoever in reality. It is a belief accepted by some, rejected by others. It has nothing to do with knowledge and science.

A good place to start for those wishing to understand why and how superstitious Danes fool themselves and others into believing in the existence and virtues of the most famous figure that never existed, Jesus Davidson, alias Jesus Abrahamson etc. etc. - a phantom fabricated by shrewd Buddhist missionaries:


Some scholars naively believe in the existence of a historical Jesus, but disagree about what kind of person he was. See on these various theories:


Other scholars have realized that Jesus is a more or less mythical figure, or that he simply never existed:

The 'Jesus of history' -- Memory or Myth? youtube-video presented by Kenneth Humphreys.



Some scholars are beginning to realize that numbers such as 666, 888 etc. , gematria, magic squares, sacred geometry, etc. must have played a considerable role in the formation of the New Testament:


If Jesus never existed, we still have to explain, not only how the myth originated, but, first of all, how the New Testament came into being. One eminent, but also very conservative, NT scholar, Bruce M. Metzger, admits:
“ The recognition of the canonical status of the several books of the New Testament was the result of a long and gradual process, in the course of which certain writings, regarded as authoritative, were separated from a much larger body of early Christian literature. Although this was one of the most important developments in the thought and practice of the early Church, history is virtually silent as to how, when, and by whom it was brought about. Nothing is more amazing in the annals of the Christian Church than the absence of detailed accounts of so significant a process.” ( The Canon of the New Testament, Oxford 1997, p. 1)

In other words: We simply do not know how, when and where the New Testament came into being.
This, in itself, is not only an amazing but also a highly suspicious fact. Somebody must have wanted to keep something secret, very secret.
Why did they wish to keep the source of the “Word of God” secret?
We now know the obvious answer to this question:

The Son of God was Sanskrit Deva-putras, “Son of God”.

The Christ, Greek ho KhRiSToS, was Sanskrit KSaTRiyaS.

The evangelist MaRKoS was the mythical Buddha, called KuMâRaS.
Mark had a “shortened finger”, colobodactylus. He got it from the KuMâRaS, who also had a shortened finger.

aBRaaM was BRahMa

The cross, Greek S-T-A-V-R-o-N, was the Buddhist S-Ű-T-R-A-M

The S-T-A-V-R-o-N was also VASTRâNi - the robes of a Buddhist monk.

The figures 666 and 888 occur in the Buddhist scriptures.

The Christian TRi-NiTaS was the Sanskrit TRi-RaTNaS ( - merely forgot an r !).

The original -RaTNaS makes sense, the copy -NiTaS makes no sense.

etc. etc. etc. etc.:

All the words and acts of Jesus can easily be traced back to Buddhist sources still available in Sanskrit:

The New Testament is, therefore, but a Pirate-copy of the Body of Tathâgatas:

No wonder that early Church history is “virtually silent as to how, when, and by whom (the Pirate-copy) was brought about”!


A final problem: If Christianity is a gigantic hoax - how has it been possible to deceive so many for so long? How did the priests, the bishops, the popes manage to pull it off? All the professional liars?
Are there any modern parallels that prove helpful?
Are we to believe absurdities such as those of some unidentfied towelheads in the backwaters of far-away Afghanistan, or their impotent likes elsewhere, who are to be held responsible for the 9/11 events?
Are we to believe, like most people do, in the rumours about some physically and technically impossible gas chambers in which millions of Jews were killed - even though no one to this day has been able properly to locate such places of horror on the map? Even though not even one victim can be mentioned by name? Even though there be no Hitler order?
And what about “the gas chamber Saddam had for all Jews”? Or his non-existent WMD?
Why do people tend to believe in mere rumours? Who benefits? Who suffers?



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