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"The use of this method of "transcreation" from Sanskrit and Pâli into Greek has been firmly established by Christian Lindtner."

(Michael Lockwood, Buddhism´s Relation to Christianity, Chennai (India) 2011, p. 250)

"... it is worthwhile to look at the work of Christian Lindtner, Ph.D., author of The Secret of Jesus. Lindtner, a Sanskrit scholar, believes he has proven that much of the Gospel material is anticipated in earlier Buddhist scriptures. There are other noted scholars who agree."

(Tom Harpur, Canadian writer and theologian, professor of New Testament Greek. The Pagan Christ.)

" the task of theology (in the university)  is to make us hold unto the object of faith...Jesus Christ, (who)  goes before and lies outside  the Biblical writings..."

(Mogens "Menschensohn" Müller, leading Copenhagen professor of the New Testament, in Kristeligt Dagblad, 9-5-2014, thus admitting that the task of professional theologians, who really  know nothing about JC, is to fool  us (= you and all those other)  ignorant Christian  believers.)


The 27 books of the New Testament, as known, constitute the fundamental holy scripture of Christianity. Without the four Gospels according to Matthew, to Mark, to Luke and to John, Christianity is virtually null and void.

Recent epoch-making discoveries of old Sanskrit manuscripts in Central Asia and Kashmir provide decisive proof that the four Greek Gospels have been translated directly from the Sanskrit. A careful comparison, word by word, sentence by sentence, shows that the Christian Gospels are Pirate-copies of the Buddhist Gospels (combined, of course, with words from the OT). God's word, therefore, is originally Buddha's word.

Comparison reveals that there is no person, no event, no locality mentioned in the four Christian Gospels not already present in the Buddhist Gospels that are, for sure, far earlier in time than their Christian copies.

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  • CV for CL: Being a chronological survey of some of the scholarly activities of Christian Lindtner since 1979.
  • Q = MSV + SDP: Identifies the Buddhist sources of the New Testament by providing examples of how the Greek words and phrases imitate the Sanskrit orginal. Beginning with Matthew 1:1, to be updated monthly.
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